FMA: Brotherhood ep 62 + manga notes

Summary: Homunculus/Father is trying to make more philosopher’s stones out of the Briggs soldiers, but Hohenheim stops him. Hohenheim asks Homunculus why he looks down on humans so much when philosopher’s stones can be made from humans who can be used to create homunculi and then asks him what homunculi can create. Homunculus decides he shall create humans and so many humans who lived in Xerxes whose souls are trapped within Homunculus are given bodies including King Xerxes. Ed arrives just as everyone else is freaking out over all the people and just in time to get caught up in Homunculus’ giant energy blast attack.

Meanwhile, under Central HQ, the Armstrong siblings, Mustang and Hawkeye, as well as the chimeras have caught up with Greed who tells them what’s going on and that the injured who can’t fight shouldn’t face him, namely the women and Jerso. General Armstrong doesn’t like the idea of staying behind until she receives a call from HQ reporting half of Central HQ has been destroyed and once they overhear that she’s been injured, they assure her that they are capable of operating even if she is not around. General Armstrong gives the communication equipment to Major Armstrong and tells him to win no matter what, Mustang decides to go up and needs to bring Hawkeye with him so he can incinerate Homunulus’ philosopher’s stone; Lan Fan also decides to go up since it is her duty to protect Ling. After everyone that’s going up has left, General Armstrong comes across Bradley’s body; Scar tells her that Bradley was already heavily injured when they fought and that he might not have beat him if he wasn’t.

General Armstrong remembers the report of Captain Buccaneer managing to land a critical blow to Bradley before asking his corpse what he thought of her men. Back on the surface, Al managed to protect May from Homunculus’ attack at a huge cost to his armor body.

Hohenheim managed to protect Ed and Izumi, but Homunculus knocks him away and begins to rip Ed and Izumi’s souls from their bodies before being shot by the reaming Briggs troops. Ed warns them that normal attacks won’t do much good, so they fire everything they have at him so he won’t have a chance to counterattack. They only cease fire when Mustang arrives and starts throwing fire balls at him.

Hawkeye tells him where to adjust his aim as well as the distance they are from Homunculus and not to limit the power of his flames at all. Mustang is having trouble adapting to clapping transmutations, until it comes in handy blocking Homunculus’ counter attacks. The Briggs soldiers keep up their assault, Major Armstrong uses his alchemy to attack, Zampano shoots his spines, Lan Fan uses bombs and Darius throws boulders, but Homunculus’ force field blocks them all.

Greed wants to make the power Homunculus has obtained his own thinking that it might finally be enough for him, though Ling tells him that it’s what he really wants. Since none of the attacks can break through Homunculus’ barrier, Greed gives it a try; even though he makes contact, Homunculus starts to absorb his stone. Greed fakes him out and starts trying to absorb the power of God from Homunculus, that doesn’t really work, but it gives Ed, Major Armstrong and Izumi a chance to attack since Homunculus had to put his barrier down to start absorbing Greed’s stone. Homunculus counter attacks and destroys Ed’s automail arm.

Ed and co continue to attack until Homunculus is forced to block Ed’s kick with his bare arm, then he unleashes another energy attack which blows all of his attacks away. Now desperate for more energy to hold down God, Homunculus sets his sights on Ed who is pinned down thanks to a piece of steel stuck in his left arm.

Al realizes his armor is cracking to his blood seal, so he asks May to make a path for him so he can trade his soul for Ed’s right arm. Al returns to his body within the gate with Ed’s Truth asking him what Ed might sacrifice to get Al back as he returns Ed’s arm.

Ed proceeds to beat the hell out of Homunculus with everyone else cheering him on. Greed realizes the thing that he always wanted were friends like these. Ed manages to knock Homunculus down and then tells him to get back up so he can show him the difference between them.

Manga notes: (Spoilers impending) So this time it adapts from chapter 106 pages 54 – 66 with differences including Homunculus not birthing more humans after everyone was freaking out, Van not having flashbacks, King Xerxes had less lines, and the birthed humans didn’t stat melting before Homunculus blasted them all away with his laser/Kamehameha thing.

Chapter 107, pages 4 – 69 with differences including less arguing between Greed and Oliver, the call from HQ being given to Oliver sooner, the cracks in Al’s armor didn’t reach his blood seal directly in the anime, Homunculus blocked the first shot from Briggs in the manga instead of being hit by it in the anime, soldiers originally carried Ed and Izumi away from Homunculus when they started attacking, Greed never tried to absorb the power of God from Homunculus in the manga, and Ed was the only one who attacked Homunculus while he was trying to absorb Greed in the manga and his automail arm was destroyed by the barrier while trying to punch Homunculus.

Two episodes to go, one chapter left to be animated.


One Response to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 62 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    1. Al had more lines (Nii-san, wake up! run!) where he asked nii-san to get up before he tell mei chan to use his power to Ed.

    2. No idea why they didn’t made him do a fist instead and didn’t give it the proper focus to Ed during the end.

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