FMA: Brotherhood ep 64 + manga notes

Summary: Dr. Nox (and a guest) pays Mustang a visit in his hospital room where his men are busy quizzing him on everything Ishbal related; apparently Mustang is planning on resolving the Ishbal issues before he can become Führer. Nox asks Mustang about his eyes, he’s still blind, but that’s not going to stop him from re-opening the Ishbal area and allowing its people to return to it from the slums. Dr. Marcoh makes his presence known along with the fact he’s got a philosopher’s stone and asks if Mustang will use it to restore his eyesight; however, Marcoh adds that he made the stone using Ishbalan lives during the annihilation. Mustang knows that some people, including Ed, might get mad at him for using it; before he lets Marcoh use it to get his eyesight back, he gives Havoc a call telling him to come to Central. Meanwhile, at the Armstrong estate, Scar has woken up.

General Armstrong saved Scar because she wanted more information on Eastern Alchemy, but now Miles wants to take Scar to Ishbal with him since he’ll be helping Mustang with the rebuilding. Miles convinces Scar to come with him by saying he can save his people using his own hands. General Armstrong leaves Scar to Miles and walks off thinking about how frightened Mustang will be when he learns Scar is still alive, but before she leaves, she asks Scar for his real name. Scar tells her that since he’s died twice already he no longer exists, so he doesn’t need a name and tells her to call him whatever she likes. In the countryside, Ed and Al are making their way back home.

Al’s muscles are weaker then he thought they’d be and tells Ed to go on ahead and that he’ll catch up later, but Ed won’t agree to that saying that since they left together, they should return together. While walking back, Al wonders if Ling and his group have made it back to Xing yet since it’s been two months since they left. After the battle, Ling approached May and told her how dumb she was for getting involved with another country’s affairs and not even getting a philosopher’s stone for her troubles. Ling shows her the stone he got and then tells her not to worry since his clan will protect her clan and accept all the other clans of Xing.

Ling tells her that he even accepted Greed, so accepting all the other clans is no problem, though May tells him he’s so greedy for being able to do that making Ling wonder if Greed rubbed off on him. Of course, Ed asks Al about how May took such a liking to him, Al takes it in stride and asks Ed how things are going with Winry just as her house comes into view. When they get there, even Den the dog is shocked that Al is back to normal and her barking causes Winry to wake up and come out to see what the commotion is about. When she sees Ed and Al back to normal, she also jumps on them and welcomes her idiots home.

Ed’s trying to fix the roof of Winry’s house, but he’s terrible at that sort of work, he tries to use alchemy, but nothing happens. Al comes up to tell him that the apple pie Winry was backing is done only to get taken in by the view. (Worth noting how tall Ed has grown now as well.) Though both of them still have some things to take care of.

Back in Central, at the Führer’s residence, Mrs. Bradley is meeting with now Führer Grumman discussing how work is going. Grumman feels as if he’s aged 20 years since taking the position, but he’s able to do it since he’s got Major General Armstrong to the North and Brigadier General Mustang to the east keeping things stable. Grumman isn’t planning on letting the young ones take over for awhile still, though he doesn’t agree with Mrs. Bradley about him being like her late husband since he’s the most laid back person he knows. And then Selim appears…

…with an injured bird. Mrs. Bradley says the bird will be fine as long as they call a veterinarian and then tells Grumman that Selim is growing up to be a very kind child despite all the opposition everyone had to her raising him. Grumman tells her that Selim will still be watched closely for a little while longer and asks Mrs. Bradley if she’s aware of what they’ll have to do if he causes any problems, but she assures him that she won’t let that happen. Selim and Grumman wave good-bye to each other…

…with Grumman wondering if homunculi and humans can truly co-exist and that he’s excited over all the new possibilities that have opened up. Al is meeting Hughes’ wife and daughter who ask if Ed is upset over his leg, Al tells them that it’s the opposite and that Winry would be sad if he lost it. Al tells them that starting with Hughes how so many people helped them throughout their journey and how they feel it’s their turn to give back now. Mrs. Hughes asks if that’s what alchemists call equivalent exchange, but Al says that if they revive 10 and give back 11 then they have a basis for a new rule to contradict equivalent exchange, even though they still need to prove it, the reasoning for making a new law being their inability to save Nina.

Al meets up with Jerso and Zampano in a restaurant and tells them that it’s finally time to head to Xing where he can study Eastern Alchemy with May extensively and then travel past Xing to learn more about the eastern countries. Though, Al’s not sure about Jerso and Zampano coming with him, but they’re sure they want to since it’s their biggest chance of getting back to normal. Jerso and Zampano don’t want to have to rely on other to get their bodies back to normal, but want to do it themselves.

Ed and Al plan on traveling west and east respectively and then pooling their knowledge to prevent anymore tragedies like what happened to Nina… that and they just want to know how big the word really is. At the train station in Risembool, Winry is busy telling Ed how he needs to take care of his automail leg and he’s not really paying attention. When the train arrives and Ed is about to leave, Winry is worried that he’ll break it right away and have to come back soon to get it fixed. Before Ed gets on the train, he gets flustered and starts yelling about equivalent exchange saying that since he’ll give half his life she should give him half of hers. Winry’s annoyed with how Ed put it and says she’ll give him all of it.

Now everyone’s blushing and Winry tries to take that back eventually landing on 85% of her life. Ed bursts out laughing over how easily Winry can overturn equivalent exchange and give her a hug. Ed gets on the train and leaves while one of the attendants asks Winry why the Elric brother won’t just settle down a little already, though Winry prefers them like this. Ed thinks that a lesson without pain is meaningless since nothing can be gained without giving up something in return, but also believes that overcoming that pain one would obtain a powerful, fullmetal heart. The credits show the pictures on the Rockbell wall and how everyone’s changed: Hohenheim was buried next to Trisha, the nameless Ishbalan with Miles is helping to re-build Ishbal, Hayate had puppies, and Ling is emperor of Xing.

Yoki, Heinkel and Dauris joined a circus, Mustang grew a mustache, Isumi and Seig are doing well, all of Mustang’s men are well and Havoc is able to walk normally. Some number of years later, Ed and Winry have a boy and a girl along with Ed and May being together.

Manga notes: (there are no more spoilers) So this is the final episode and adapts the rest of the final chapter, 108. No sense with page numbers and there’s a lot to cover, the first big difference is the fact that a day was allowed to pass before the rest of the events transpired with the aftermath.

There were a lot of things left out, like Rebecca asking Riza about what’s going on and telling her how they captured the other Führer’s aid (the blond guy at the bottom of Central main entrance the Fu tear gassed) and how since they have more people on their side they should be able to force him to take a deal to determinate who gets to be Führer next (fun fact: Grumman is really Rzia’s grandpa on her mother’s side, though she doesn’t know that but he does).

Mustang was originally in a tent and Nox approached him soon after all the fighting was over, it was Marcoh who asked Mustang to rebuild Ishbal, Mustang didn’t take the initiative in the manga and Marcoh didn’t ask to live in Ishbal as a doctor in the anime like he did in the manga, nor was their originally any talk of what souls were used to make that stone or any calling Havoc to heal him with it (Havoc was shown in rehab in the photos in the manga).

And since Lan Fan didn’t even glimpse Nox she didn’t recall him telling her that no one wants to see children fight, meaning she didn’t ask Ling to not punish the other clans along with a loss of the humor of him accepting that so easily, he just decided on that on his own in the anme. We also didn’t see Ling just randomly pick up May and carry her back with him along with no mention of them saying they needed to leave anyway being illegal aliens in the country like in the manga. The anime also showed Ling telling May that he would unite all of Xing clans as a flashback the Elrics were having on their way home.

There was no maid attending to Scar in the Armstrong estate in the anime… or any mention of the Rockbells when Scar was asking why Amestrins just won’t let him die.

The “brotherly talk” of the girls in their lives as the Elric’s walked home is anime original. Winry didn’t yell at them for not making an appointment before pouncing on them.

After the two year time skip, the radio reporting on Mustang being a general and re-building Ishbal along with wanting to make it a trading hub with Xing using a new rail line was skipped, Grumman commenting on how Mrs. Bradley scolding him was keeping him alive and their banter was partially skipped.

Jerso and Zampano were shown stuffing their faces instead of seriously discussing how to revert their bodies to normal in the restaurant. Some aspects of Ed and Winry’s budding romance are less exaggerated in the anime along with maybe one or two missing lines.

As for the photos, Roy’s mustache is new to the anime, Havoc was supposed to be in rehab trying to get walking normally gain, Yoki suffers more in his picture in the anime, and the photo with Ed, Winry, their kids, Al and May originally did not include Paninya and Garfiel (they had their own photo).

Fun watch, looking forward to the next OVA in August along with the movie that comes out a year or two from now.

See ya.

Oh, one more thing:



2 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 64 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    Ending Analysis. You’ve forgot that in the pic they are shown:-

    – Alex Armstrong shows off his muscles. Maria & Denny are in the pic too.

    – Ran Fan guarding the Emperor of Xing in Left position instead of Right position.

    – How come that Havoc finally walks back?! That really bugs me after i looked the group pics with Rebecca & Heymans.

    – Where is Mason in this pic? somebody’s gonna beat up by Izumi!

    – they changed the pics of Falman into 2 kids instead of Briggs soldiers.

    OK enough of that. Now the show is over & those Homonculus will go to hell. That’s right, Go to hell. Now it’s time to move on. But will the Homonculus ever strike again in the upcoming movie like the previous shambala movie did?

    Probably not to me.

  2. Jeffry2010 Says:

    Sorry to post this 2nd time but as you see you forgot that:-

    – During Ed is on the roof, Al climbs up and standing besides him unlike the manga where, you know.

    – Where’s Pinako? We’re not gonna see her anyway in the anime.

    – Roy’s had a mustache is really a BAD idea for manga readers out there as I read some people’s comments about it.

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