Hello everybody!

Guess who decided to post something in here after who knows how long after it’s been dead?

As most of you have probably realized, we don’t really post here anymore, in fact http://www.hiyono.net/blog/ has taken over most of our blogging stuff (which are mostly just my ramblings about what’s been going on during that month). We don’t really blog about anime anymore or and topic in particular, mostly just subbing anime and spamming motivational posters on our forums. That and ponies seem to be all the rage these days.

Now the only reason I’m even posting in here is because I found out I couldn’t even use this wordpress place as an identity to post a comment on a blogspot site. I tried all the options, either told me there were bad characters in the URL or that it couldn’t be validated or some shit like that. All I wanted to ask was where I could find No-Ink’s non-34 art, it’s been bugging the hell outta me since I was in a thread on /co/ a few weeks ago when he was doing this Joe Somebody character he made up with a bionic arm named Josephine that likes to make fun of him. Then they were going to fight a bear and I figured the thread would at least be around for a couple more hours before auto sageing, but it wasn’t, but luckily it got archived so I was at least able to see what happened next. The thing with archived threads is all the images are thumbnails.

Well enough bitching about that and making myself look like a dumbass, on to other things that will, in all probability, make me look even more like a dumbass.

So Fairy Tail anime is in the Edolas arc full swing, doing it’s best to fill in all the gaping plot canyons (i.e. the Lisanna fiasco at the end by putting that BSed flash back where it chronologically is said to happen, adding Gajeel filler, adding Edo-FT filler and other little things here and there).

I’ve been trying to get into the Toriko anime, but it’s hard since they’re skipping a lot of stuff and added in an annoying news lady that tags along in a too dumb to live fashion to the dangerous as hell, off limits to civilians, you will die there areas… really down plays how dangerous they are with her around. Less of her, more of the bromance and homosexual undertones of this series please. (Ha!)

I’ve been really into more western cartoons this year, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Sym-Bionic Titan (before it got fukken cancelled) and even My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Love and tolerate the SHIT out of haters.

Anyway, I’m just venting off my current issues here while working on my proper June post in the .net blog.

I’m surprised people still want to view this site every time I come around to look at it.


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  1. cathemey Says:

    Hi guys, the offer from http://www.hiyono.net/blog/ is extended to here if you wish. Let me know to send you info on my sites

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