About us


Founded in May 9th 2008, this group main purpose while it was in Crunchyroll was to explore, guide people onto anime and discuss seriously of the series. Since Crunchyroll has become a boring place now, such as dead forums and stupid users who can’t even differ a supported claim, sporting baseless opinions, we decided to move by making our own website. However, we have yet people with the skill to make website and the forum is still under going serious treatment. We figured that a blog would be nice to have since the founder, me, always wanted to try blogging for once. Despite my various handicaps (english is my third language), I have at least a volunteer editor and I’m grateful because he also got ourselves a server to host the forum. We have yet to decide our next purpose for this group’s existence but probably we will just gather anime fans who can discuss nicely and aren’t retards.

Raison d’être

As for this blog purpose, mainly to discuss our thoughts on each series, either each episode or the whole series. Until we get the forum up, this blog will probably live for a while. And for those wondering, if we do manage to make our own website, perhaps we will consider moving the blog into the new website, but why such complexity when leaving things as it is is easier. This blog was created on May 15th 2009.


May’s Top 10 anime

  1. Kanon(2006)
  2. Minami-Ke
  3. Nodame Cantabile
  4. Full Metal Panic!
  5. Hajime no Ippo
  6. Monster
  7. One Piece
  8. Higashi no Eden
  9. Gintama
  10. Slayers Next


GoPlayGo’s Updates


Refinder’s Updates


13 Responses to “About us”

  1. Perfectionist Gal Says:

    I think your writing skills is totally fine, where are you from?

    • May Says:

      I’m still not that confident, as english is my third language…
      From Canada but in the black sheep province -_-

      • hoshikudakigintoki Says:

        Moar liek Canadia, amirite?
        Canada —> CanadIan
        America —> American.
        If you don’t get the joke.

      • May Says:

        I’m not an American Follower, so it doesn’t apply to me ;O

  2. Somebody Random Says:

    Well, good luck with your guys’ endeavor. I hope that you guys can affect the Anime community, even if it is just a trickle.

  3. Ryon Says:

    Nice i see you finally got the blog up it looks good :P

  4. ZEN Says:

    I see that this is where crunchyroll has driven you guys. I must say that your guys’ blog is pretty impressive. I hope that it gets as much hits as it is great.

    Just a shout out to refinder and hom-chan

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