Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Rei is the third season the the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. This time it will only have 5 OVAs. But I will only be reviewing episode 2,3, and 4. Also known as the “Dice Killing Chapter”. So in this post, I will be reviewing episode 1 of the Dice Killing Chapter, or the second episode of the series depending on what you want to call it.

I am a big fan of the last two seasons of Higurashi. I liked season 1 more than the second, but liked both. Watched it, re-watched it, love it.  So when a third season was announced, I looked forward to it with great anticipation. By the time I am writing this, I have seen up to episode 4 of it and finished the Dice Killing Chapter. As I am reviewing each episode, I will only use and provide the information given within that particular episode to avoid spoiling too much. Enough background, let’s get started.

This episode begins with Rika and the others riding their bikes down a road. Majority of their conversation in this scene have little to no significance what so ever. So Rika decides to speed up and starts a race.

But she over did it and this happened…

Yup… looks like she died. After overcoming all of her obstacles and earned the right to live on, she decides to ride down a road that spirals downward at high speed. A road where neither Rika or any incoming cars can see each other until it’s too late. Like what was she thinking?! Anyways, when she wakes up, she is lying in a bed. Surprisingly, the first person she saw when she opened her eyes was Satoshi. Realizing that she screwed up, Rika was shocked. Then the doctor came, but to Rika’s surprise again, the doctor is not Irie like it was supposed to be. Instead he is replaced by this loser.

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Umineko No Naku Koro Ni ep5

Gonna get right down to business. So 3 more people died in the end of the last episode. The only survivor out of the 4 people that were forced out of the study room is Maria. Unsurprisingly, when Battler and the others asked her about what happened she just said “Beatrice did it”. According to her, Beatrice didn’t kill her because of the scorpion charm thing Battler gave her before she left the room. Maria said she doesn’t know what happened and how the others died. Beatrice told her to face the wall and keep singing.

At this point all I wanted to see was for Battler to beat the crap out of Maria. Her face just pisses me off. Usually I am into this kind of stuff.  You know, the psychotic killer loli look. But not her.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen. So as they are questioning Maria, they soon realized Jessica’s mother is not in the room anymore. It turns out, she locked the others in the room and went out to confront Beatrice. Then a golden butterfly appeared and she shot at it. Just as Battler busted the door open, they see her fall down on her back with a bullet hole on her forehead.

Now everyone is all freaked out, and the clock hits mid night. Then a golden butterfly appeared once again.  Battler being frustrated and desperate, he started shooting at it.

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Umineko No Naku Koro Ni ep4

Time for a review+summary of another episode of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. But this time instead of doing the usual way, which is to do the summary and review separately. I am going to just do both at the same time and make it up as I go. We’ll see how that plays out.

So the last episode, both of George’s parents died. So for once, finally in this series, someone actually look and act like their parents just died.

Although it may not seem like much, but this series so far fails to illustrate and depict the emotional pain one usually feels when they lose someone important to them. George’s reaction out of all the characters so far are the most realistic in my opinion. In the next scene, it shows George sitting by himself being depressed and stuff. At the same time, Jessica and Battler say stuff like “Oh man, he is so unfortunate. He lost both his parents and his lover on the same day”. They say it with a straight face as if it’s not even their business. This is especially funny and unusual considering Battler also did lose both his parents literally hours ago. Look at his face! Just look at it!. Does it look like this guy lost both his parents earlier that day?

So overall, I think Umineko fails miserably in this aspect. But one thing good that’s worth mentioning in this scene is that the annoying Maria brat got punched in the head by Battler.

Anyways, moving on.
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Umineko No Naku Koro Ni ep3

So far this series is nothing special for me. And there are many things that i hoped they could have done better on. Well I have now seen the third episode, so read the rest to see whether or not I think it got any better.

So as always, plot summary first. So A lot of people was brutally murdered and their bodies are placed in a shed in the last episode. Now Maria is being notified that her mom and many others have died. she didn’t cry and didn’t even seem surprised in any way. She looks more like she doesn’t care.

The servants realized that the radio is down, so they won’t be able to contact anyone outside of the island. Which also means the killer is still on the island. Then a series of investigation started, and there seems to be enough reasons to suspect the servants. Then Battler over heard a conversation between the servants about Beatrice. They all agree that Beatrice exists, and she sometimes go to them in the form of a golden butterfly. But Battler thinks its a bunch of crap (which is reasonable). Then some stuff happened and after a while, two more people were found dead.

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GANTZ Ep 02 Review

As i said in the review of the previous episode, there will be extreme violence and gore. And that is already the case starting episode 2.

The song came from the black ball in the room. Lines of words appeared. Now it is giving them people instruction. They are told to kill an alien. Then equipments such as a black suit and guns are made available. Most of the people in the room grabbed a gun but almost no one took the black suit because it makes them look like a cosplayer. But Kurono decided to it on. Soon they are all transferred to their destination, and Nishi explain their situation. According to Nishi, they have to kill aliens and for each one they kill they will recieve a large amount of money as reward. Hearing this, everyone ran around looking for the target. One old guy decided to do home instead, but it seems the black ball doesn’t approve of it.

So the rest of the people finally found the alien and start chasing it. Eventually they got it cornered and killed it, even though Kato was begging them not to.

But as soon as they killed the alien, a big version of it came out of no where and start killing them all.
Now to move onto the review.
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Umineko No Naku Koro Ni ep2

After the disappointment the first episode turned out to be, I am eager to see whether the second episode will be any better. So let’s get started with a brief summary of the plot.

So now everyone is eating dinner. After everyone is done eating, Maria (the UUUing loli) takes out a letter that she claims to be from Beatrice. Then her face suddenly turned all murdery.

The letter is pretty long. But I can sum it up in like 3 sentences. “I am Beatrice, I made a contract with the old man. I lend him a bunch of gold, but with conditions. He must return all the gold someday, and I will inherit all his assets unless one of you can find the hidden gold”. Something like that. Then a whole bunch of not very important things happened, except the glasses guy gave Shanon a ring and say he loves her and stuff. Then the next morning, some people went missing. In the end they found the missing people dead. Their faces are all smashed up. Shanon is one of the victims.

So it seems the anime starts to get more interesting. MURDER! What we all have been waiting for! Although I am very happy that the killing finally began, I am still not very satisfied with it. The letter was a necessary piece of information. But other than that, the entire episode feels a waste of time all the way until the last part. Even with so many victims killed at once, I did not feel the tension and suspense building up to this point, that eventually lead to murder.

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GANTZ Ep 01 Review

Hi people! Me again, reviewing a gory anime series. If you like that, please do read on. If not, then you probably won’t like this one. But I guess that is no reason to not read the rest, it might interest you somehow. Anyways, lets get to it.

So GANTZ is by far one of the most bizarre anime I have seen so far. The main character is a useless perverted emo slacker whose a jackass, but according to flash backs, he was actually a bad ass when he was a kid. Other than that, the plot is creative, and the theme is very dark. On top of that, there is a bunch of action, gore, intense violence, and full frontal nudity. All that add together = Good stuff.

Now to talk about the plot of this episode a little. So we start off with the main character (Kurono Kei) sitting in his classroom being bored. Although he is bored, he still managed to pay close attention to the teacher if you know what I mean…

Sorry for the censorship, but since we try to keep the blogs PG13, I can’t allow pictures of boobs. Oh and look! I censored it with Makoto’s head! I used Psyduck for my Elfen Lied review. Anyways, back on the plot! So after class he goes buy some porno and heads to the subway station. Once he got there, some stuff happened. Not going to go into details, but I can just say it all works as character development for him. So in other words, it shows how much of a bastard he is. Then his childhood friend (Kato) ended up standing right beside him. But Kato did not recognize Kurono at that moment. Kurono remembers that Kato used to be a wimp when they were kids, but now he is almost a foot taller than himself. Then a hobo fell on the train tracks and Kato jumped off the platform to help. But no one else will help. Kato then saw and recognize Kurono and asked for his help. Kurono reluctantly helped, but then ends up being hit by a train which caused his head to fly off.

The next thing they knew was being sent to a room with a big black ball in the middle of it. Then a naked big breasted girl got transported into the room and a big black guy tries to rape her. Then Kato went and safe her, and all of a sudden a song came on from he big black ball and a few lines of words appeared.
“Your Lives are over you bastards”
“What you do with your new lives is up to me”
“Got it?”
Something like that. Thats it for the plot summary, gonna move onto review now. Read the rest to find out what I think of this episode.
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