Ever wanted to delve deeper into the story of Baccano?

I’m not sure who knows this, but it seems worth posting. Being the big Baccano fan that I am, I’ve done some research trying to see if there was a manga. There was not, but I did learn that Baccano is based off of some light novels written by Ryohgo Narita. From what I can gather a light novel is a story that’s written with some drawings that show the story. It’s similar to manga, but it focuses more on the story as more pages have writing, and there’s some pictures in there. Anyways I’ve managed to find a website that is going through the project of translating the Baccano novels for everyone. I’m sure they could be ordered, but I’m not sure if they have been translated to English, and I would guess not since the only website I found was this one with a limited amount of the novels translated.


Here the entire 1st novel is translated, along with most of the 4th, the beginning of the 5th, and a few other limited parts. There are currently 14 novels, and unfortunately the translators on the website aren’t moving very quickly. However I still thought that Baccano fans would enjoy reading what was available as I did. In case you’re wondering the anime covered all of the 1st novel which was the story of gaining immortality, which mainly focused on Firo, Ennis, Issac & Maria, and Szilard Quates. The second and third novels were both covered as well which involved the different points of few of the flying pussyfoot incedent. Also a very limited amount of the 4th novel was covered, and what was covered was changed a lot so they could make everything fit in the sixteen episodes of the series. The main battle and Vino’s fighting was completely left out along with most of the plot ties. What was shown for the 4th novel was Eve’s search for her brother and the Gandor’s “fight” with the Runorata’s. The fight itself wasn’t shown, and as I said most of the story for this was left out, really only Eve’s story was fully shown which was about a third of the novel.