Denpa Teki na Kanojo Episode 1 Review

This series follows the life of a delinquent. He is the type that gets in fights frequently and has no friends. You know which type i am talking about. Anyways, one day he met this strange girl that calls him her king from a previous life, and that she will follow his every order. If that isn’t weird enough, this girl also seems to know quite a bit about the recent serial murders.

This anime is definitely the type that I am in to. It’s a whole bunch of gory, bloody, violent, bone smashing goodness jam packed into a manageable 40 minute episode!

The episode also starts with some girl getting raped. Don’t worry, they don’t show anything. But it is heavily implied. If you are not in to these stuff, that doesn’t mean this is not for you. the episode has a pretty good plot. It just feels mysterious, and overall very interesting. The whole series is only 3 episodes, and the first looks promising.

Episode Rating: 8/10

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