Dragon Ball Kai Episode 11 Summary+Review

Vegeta decided to wait for 3 hours before killing everyone. As Goku rushes to the others, Nappa went around and had some “fun” and killing some people to help the 3 hours go by faster. As soon as the 3 hours is up, the fight resumed and Goku is still not here. Goku finally got back to Earth, and recieved two Senzu beans from Karin.

Piccolo tries to defeat Nappa the same way he did for Raditz. He grabs Nappa’s tail thinking that it will cause him some major pain. But jokes on him. It turns out Both Nappa and Vegeta have learned to overcome that weakness, unlike that weakling Raditz. Piccolo then got elbowed really hard in the head. Krillin’s Kienzan was used and Nappa was almost stupid enough to catch it. But Vegeta told him to get out of the way, Nappa escaped death with only a cut on his face, but he is very pissed now. Krillin got blasted and almost died. Vegeta’s scouter then picks up a power level of 5000 approaching them. Knowing this, he orders Nappa to kill Piccolo and the others before Goku gets here. Just before Nappa kills Gohan, Piccolo jumps in the way and took the hit for Gohan.

An ok episode. Not great, but not bad. Its entertainment value is satisfactory. But when i think about it after watching the episode, nothing much really happened. So it can feel dragged. And after a couple of very similar episodes, it starts to feel slow. I spent most my time thinking “OMG will Goku get there already?!!! I get the point!”. Yeah but with that said, there are also things that I liked about this one. One would be how they onces again shows the difference between Vegeta and Nappa and their power relationship. Vegeta is obviously WAY smarter than Nappa. This is once again demonstrated by Krillin’s Kienzan. Nappa would have died without Vegeta. Also, it always amuses me to see a small guy like Vegeta has complete control over a giant like Nappa. Also the part about Nappa overcoming his Saiya-jin weakness was pretty interesting as well.

Overall, not bad. I wouldn’t say I like this one. But it really could have been better if they cut the crap and get on with what matters. Although this episode is indeed a huge improvement compared to the original DBZ anime, this episode in particular still feels like it needs to be cut shorter.

Episode Rating: 6.5/10

Screen Caps:

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Dragon Ball Kai Episode 10 Summary+Review

The fight continues after Yamcha got blown up. Krillin shows off a new move of his, and killed a couple of Saibaimen. But before he can enjoy the glory of doing something useful, Piccolo overshadows his minor achievements by killing a Saibaiman with style. So now Nappa takes on the rest of them by himself. Piccolo got beaten up, Tenshinhan got his arm punched off

then later he over did a Kikoho and died without hurting Nappa, and Chaozu blew himself up without doing any damage as well.

As you can tell by now, this episode is very entertaining. What can be more entertaining than watching these useless characters try hard and die a meaningless death? It is jam packed with action. There really isn’t much more i can say about this, since it is mostly fights. Overall a kick ass episode.

Episode Rating: 9/10

I would like to thank those who have been keeping up with my posts for Dragon Ball Kai, and to show my appreciation, this time ALL screen caps are animated gifs! Yeah shut up, I know its only 7 but they are troublesome to make! So be grateful. Oh and if you like this or have suggestions for what can be improved on in the future, LEAVE COMMENTS!!!

Here they are:

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Dragon Ball Kai Episode 9 Summary+Review

Nappa and Vegeta has arrived on Earth. Nappa blew up a city as his way of saying hi. As the Saiyajins search for the strongest power on the planet, they have found Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan. Since Piccolo and the others are not considered as a threat at all, Vegeta ordered Nappa to plant some Saibaimen to fight instead. Each Saibaiman according to Nappa, is about as strong as Raditz. After Tenshinhan and the others arrive, Vegeta suggests that they should fight the Saibaimen 1 on 1 for fun. Tenshinhan fought first, and won without breaking a sweat. The Yamcha decides to act cool as well, and fights the Saibaimen. He won the fight, but he lets his guard down and the Saibaiman blew itself up and killed Yamcha. The episode ends with Krillin being all pissed off and ready to kick some ass.

Great episode! I like how the creator gave the useless characters a chance to act cool.

And of course, it turns more awesome when Yamcha dies because of his arrogance and stupidity. I guess you can’t blame him for being rusty, he hasn’t done anything useful for a LONG time! I find his death more funny than it was intended to be. This episode also develops the characters of the two Saiyajins. Nappa is the typical big stupid man that likes to do reckless things without thinking. This is shown by how he blew up the city without thinking that he might damage the Dragon Balls. Vegeta is very short especially compared to Nappa, but he is portrayed as someone that is smarter, stronger, and probably more evil than Nappa. Overall I like this episode a lot.

Episode Rating: 8.5/10

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Dragon Ball Kai Episode 8 Summary+Review

Goku and the team of useless characters have all finished their training. Goku have somehow learned the kaio-ken and Genki-dama (spirit bomb) off screen. Everything seems to be going well until Kaio-sama suddenly realize he forgot to leave time for Goku to return to Earth by crossing the Snake Way ones more. It is likely that Goku will be one day late. By using the Dragon Balls, Goku is wished back to life by his friends. Shortly after the wish was made, the two saiyajin finally arrived.

Interesting episode. It nicely wraps up the training of everyone. Goku shows his stuff by catching the monkey and hitting the bug thing at an incredible speed. He also demonstrated the Genki-dama for the first time in this series

And of course, another thing that made this episode interesting is the fact that Vegeta is finally here! And you know what that means. It’s murdering time! Other than that, not much really happened. They showed some of Gohan’s training and they summoned Shenron to wish back Goku. Overall, not bad.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

Here are more Screen Caps like usual:

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Dragon Ball Kai Episode 7 Summary+Review

So right now Goku is training with Kaio-sama (King Kai). Before Kaio start teaching him anything, he needs to do two more things. Catch the monkey and hit the big with a hammer. So Goku spends the entire episode just doing that while Kaio-sama watches and eats Chinese food. On Earth, Piccolo is still as harsh as ever with Gohan’s training.

Team useless characters is doing fine for their standards too. So pretty much the whole episode is just about everyone training.

This episode is pretty fun to watch. Goku caught the monkey and hit the bug rather quickly compared to the original Dragon Ball Z. But they skipped over some of the training scenes for the group of useless characters. The part where they go into this simulation where they fight Saiyans is now cut out. Oh well, not that i care that much anyways. there is not a lot of plot in this episode. just a lot or training scenes. But still pretty good.
Episode Rating: 8/10

Screen Caps:

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Dragon Ball Kai Episode 6 Summary+Review

Right from the beginning of this episode, Gohan has become much stronger than he was in the last. He can now beat up the dinosaur that wants to eat him, and he cuts off a slice of its tail to eat. Old characters like Yamcha, Tenshinhan (Tian), Krillin, Chaotzu, and Yajirobe are gathered together at Kami’s place for training. And just for convenience, i will be referring to this group as “Group of Useless Characters”. It has been half a year, and Gohan finally gets to train with Piccolo. Goku has also reached the end of Snake Way and started training with Kaio-sama as well.

This episode is extremely fast paced. Goku has already reached the end of Snake Way! They skipped quite a bit of stuff that was in the original Dragon Ball Z series. Stuff like the snake woman and the two red and blue devil guys that Goku meets after he falls off snake way. Whether you think thats a good or bad thing, it is up to you. But for me, I think its a great idea. Those stuff are no important and not that interesting. There are not that many things that i find does not make sense. Maybe except how Kaio-sama’s super small planet actually has a gravity that is 10 times stronger than Earth’s. And how Goku’s hair doesn’t change shape at all under such gravity. But oh well, it’s anime, get used to it. One thing that i am extremely happy about is how the art quality improved significantly in this episode. Take a look:

The improvements are very noticeable. The colors, the lines, it just looks great. this episode is definitely worth watching. Check it out

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

Screen Caps!:
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Dragon Ball Kai Episode 5 Summary+Review

Now Gohan is being trained by Piccolo. But before Piccolo starts teaching him how to fight, Gohan must survive in the wilderness for 6 months on his own. As Gohan is struggling, whining, and crying, Bulma has just finished fixing the scouter they took from Raditz. Since Krillin is as useless as he is, he failed to tell ChiChi the truth. So thinking that Goku and Gohan is a Kame House, ChiChi along with his father rush to Kame House to bring Gohan back home to study. But when they get there, Kamesenin (Master Roshi) finally told them exactly what happened. She didn’t take the news very well. Anyways, Goku is still running on the Snake Way, and not much has really happened except he almost fell off it. Near the end of the episode, Gohan transformed into a big monkey cus of the full moon and start blowing stuff up. Unable to stop Gohan, Piccolo blew up the moon. Gohan returned back to his normal form and Piccolo used this change to rip off his tail.

Interesting Episode. Some really bad ass stuff happened. Stuff like, Gohan changing into a huge ape and blow everything up, and Piccolo blew up the moon! He blew up the fucking moon! If you don’t call that bad ass, then i dunno what is. Oh and Gohan was chased by a huge dinosaur:

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

Screen Caps:

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