FMA: Brotherhood ep 58 + manga notes

Summary: Ed, Al, and Izumi have been dragged into the Gate of Truth while the gold toothed doctor remarks Mustang will be following after them soon enough. Greed is still fighting an injured Wrath leading to both of them falling off the bridge with Greed hanging on to the edge and Wrath hanging onto Greed. Lan Fan manages to grab a hold of Greed as the ledge is giving way despite it being too much weight for her automail to handle. After telling Greed that Fu was already dead, she gets the Briggs soldiers to help her get Wrath to let go and pull up Greed/Ling. After seeing Fu’s lifeless body, Ling asks for a doctor who can use alchemy saying he has a philosopher’s stone, but there are none and as Ling is grieving, a soldier who made it past the machine guns shoots him in the head. Ling continues to lament that despite attaining immortality he still can’t save anyone. Read the rest of this entry »


FMA: Brotherhood ep 57 + manga notes

Summary: Ran Fan overhears some of Central’s troops talking about how Bradley is at the main gate fighting the Briggs troops. Izumi and General Armstrong are not amused with the higher up’s reasoning for wanting to sacrifice the entire country so they can “unify” (read as dominate) the entire world. After hearing his ramblings, the Central troops present are convinced to give up their military positions and fight to save everyone they care about rather than follow their orders. General Armstrong gets word that the Central troops are starting to move in on them again and gives the order to escape and leave her behind if it gets too dangerous. The only route left for General Armstrong’s group is to head underground from the Führer’s office; meanwhile, Ed’s group comes across the gold toothed doctor in the underground passage ways. Read the rest of this entry »

FMA: Brotherhood ep 56 + manga notes

Summary: It starts off with a flash back of Hohenheim wondering through the desert while trying to talk to the souls trapped within his body shortly after Xerxes had been destroyed. He passes out and is found by since merchants from Xing, he tells them he has nowhere to return and is mumbling apologies over and over again to the souls trapped within him for not being able to stop the destruction of Xerxes. Hohenheim lists off some names of people from Xerxes and tells Father that those are the souls that have infiltrated Father’s body and are cooperating with him to destroy Father. Hohenheim goes on to elaborate that he has had time to talk to and isolate all 536,329 souls contained within his body, something Father didn’t do as the souls who infiltrated begin to destroy his container by impaling him from within, however, this isn’t enough to destroy him as he sheds his skin and devours it, revealing his new form, telling Hohenheim he’s not the only one who’s evolved. Read the rest of this entry »

FMA: Brotherhood ep 55 + manga notes

you cannot ask for directions
Summary: Ed’s lost in the underground tunnels and Mustang is giving him trouble for it, since those two are arguing so loudly, Scar is worried the enemy will find them faster. Hawkeye thanks Scar for helping to save Mustang, but she also notes how it must be infuriating for an Ishbalan like Scar to be thanked by someone like herself; Scar is a bit taken aback before saying there was no need to thank someone like himself. Briggs’ tank troops are informed to cease fire and it is announced to the remaining Central forces that Briggs is now occupying Central HQ and they’ve taken hostages including some of the higher ups. Word reaches General Armstrong who informs Captain Buccaneer of the immortal doll army and orders him to deal off all entrances and exits to Central HQ so that none of them can make it into the city. Another of the higher ranking generals of Central attempts to take charge and cease power for himself, but he gets eaten by more of the immortal doll army. Read the rest of this entry »

FMA: Brotherhood ep 54 + manga notes

Summary: The year is 1909, the Ishbalan war has just ended and Riza Hawkeye is making a grave for a dead Ishbalan child. She tells Mustang that the battle will probably never end within her mind and asks him to burn away her father’s research tattooed on her back as some small form of atonement for her participation in the war so that another flame alchemist can never come to be. Mustang reluctantly agrees to her request so that she can be free of the burden her father left upon her. Back in present time, Riza points her gun at the back of Mustang’s head calming that Mustang always calls her by her first name when they’re alone; Envy falls for the bluff and Hawkeye unloads most of her ammo on Envy hoping to kill him herself. Envy manages to get the upper hand right before Mustang finds him and starts incinerating Envy again. Read the rest of this entry »

FMA: Brotherhood ep 53 + manga notes

Summary: All of Central is buzzing with rumors about what’s going on, that is until word gets out Mrs. Bradley is being interviewed on the Capital Radio station. From her testament, the military had been given orders to kill her along with Mustang’s group and she can’t get in contact with her husband (King Bradley) or her son (Selim/Pride) who have supposedly both gone east to observe the joint training exercise; the news reaches the entire nation that Mustang was the one who saved her and is not the one attempting a coup d’état. Breada takes the opportunity to inform Mrs. Bradley that the train her husband was on had been bombed yesterday and he is currently missing which causes Mrs. Bradley to faint from the shock. Breada continues to make use of revealing this information to pin the blame on the higher ups of the military for the coup d’état who are starting to feel the pressure at Central HQ since they are powerless to stop the mass media. Read the rest of this entry »

FMA: Brotherhood ep 52 + manga notes

Summary: Al is now using a philosopher’s stone to fight both Kimblee and Pride at the same time and hold his own. Al’s strategy mainly involves using dust as a smoke screen until he creates a flash bang to get rid of Pride’s shadows long enough to trap him again, at this point Kimblee asks why Al doesn’t just escape and use the stone to recover his and Ed’s bodies. Al won’t escape because then he wouldn’t be able to save everyone and counter’s Kimblee’s argument by asking why there are only two choices: escape and recover their bodies while failing to save every one or stay and save everyone and give up on recovering their bodies. Al brings up a third option of recovering their bodies and saving everyone and argues against the law of equivalent exchange by claiming there might be more things they don’t know about, Kimblee agrees with this and notes that if new laws are discovered then they will become the new principles of alchemy and, along this same line of thought, brings up a fourth option of how they could fail to save anyone and not get their bodies back as he takes out the philosopher’s stone he had been hiding within his body. Read the rest of this entry »