Hello everybody!

Guess who decided to post something in here after who knows how long after it’s been dead?

As most of you have probably realized, we don’t really post here anymore, in fact http://www.hiyono.net/blog/ has taken over most of our blogging stuff (which are mostly just my ramblings about what’s been going on during that month). We don’t really blog about anime anymore or and topic in particular, mostly just subbing anime and spamming motivational posters on our forums. That and ponies seem to be all the rage these days.

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MOT release #1 Hatsu Inu ~again~ Sample 2

Looks like WP is back up, guess I’ll copy paste this here too.

Greetings and salutations to all those still bothering to read this blog! Since no subs (that any of us could find) for the final episode of this series exists, here you go, soft sub only since the raw quality doesn’t need to suffer anymore.

NOTE: v2 updated for now



only difference between the two files is the name.

So we’ve talked about it and typed about it and been bored as hell and back again so we finally did something! Yes, that is correct, we are now a fansubbing group of sorts and for those of you who have not just visited to grab the link and be on your fapping way I guess I can tell you a bit about our group.

Just coming up with a name was annoying since May wanted to keep “Hiyono fansubs” reserved till next year, so, being the bored outcasted bastards that we are, decided to go with MOT in homage to our former stomping grounds made up of thousands of pages worth of motivational posters that a certain website (made of hypocrites no less) decided to ban just because of a few (hundred) XXX ones. After losing our pastime of spamming endlessly redundant posters, we core people that bothered to stay in touch formed a group and then were all bored together! So to subside our boredom we thought “now what should be do now?” and just so luckily at that moment May chipped in saying “fansubbing” (even though she had no part in this project EDIT: except telling us what program to use for what) and thus we are proud in our own twisted way to present English subtitles for Hatsu Inu ~again~ Sample 2.

tl;dr for ya? We got bored, so we did something.

Next project will most likely be Kibun Kibun, a 2003 two episode hentai made by Bow Ditama. We found it very very strange that since its release no one has subbed it, we’ll see if we can work together long enough to resolve that issue.

Patapata Hikousen no Bouken

Essentially translates to “Adventures of Patapata Aircraft”.
I found this anime purely by chance while browsing through a a list of titles, the length of the name caught my eye and while trying to find information on it I realized there was very little to be had. Virtually every site gave the same summary and nothing more, so I hardly knew what to expect while watching it. I’ll say this now: the animation is far less than spectacular since everything seems very flat and the sound track lacks diversity, but the story and plot make up for it. This series gives off a sense of nostalgia (one I rarely ever feel outside of Hayao Miyazaki’s works) being set in what I can only assume to be the Victorian era and having a large focus placed on transportation and cultural diversity. This’ll be spoiler heavy.

Now on to the actual story; the Buxton family consists of a rich banker and his two children: Jane and George. His first wife dies shortly after Jane is born and he remarries getting a step-son in the process, William, who dislikes his new family, his contempt for them only grows when his mother also dies from illness which leads him to bond with Jane due to her innocence and caring nature believing that she is the only one to understand him. Years go by and now George is a scholar while William is working in the bank along side his step-father, however he is less than honest by making profit for the bank, something that does not go unnoticed by the father. George is researching a way to achieve flight, a dream shared with Jane, when he gets his expedition to the East to search for a mysterious floating liquid approved by the university his father appoints him the heir to the family by giving him the gold pocket watch heirloom while William leaves the house shortly after George departs to the east. Jane, now alone, continues trying to fly.
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One Piece BGM

Background music: the thing that sets the mood, builds anticipation and defines whether a good episode can become an amazing episode.

With all the anime I’ve seen in the past few years I rarely ever get to hear one with a collection of BGM as compelling as the ones used in the adaption of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. Kouhei Tanaka and Shiroh Hamaguchi are, based on my lurking, the most well known individuals responsible for the BGM in One Piece.

Gomu Gomu Vs Goe Goe

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Oh! Edo Rocket

First of all know that this is a gag anime most of the time.

Now that that is out of the way lets begin.
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Letter Bee: Light and Blue Night Fantasy

In 2008 during the Jump Super Anime Tour and the 40th anniversary of Jump an OVA was made of Hiroyuki Asada’s series Tegami Bachi also known as Letter Bee. The OVA was based off of a one-shot side story of the main series and is the only chapter of the series to have been published in a weekly magazine.
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Fairy Tail anime Announcement and Speculation

Fairy Tail result

Fairy Tail result

As we all know from the conclusion of the bet, Hiro Mashima’s manga Fairy Tail will be given an anime adaptation this fall according to the folks over at 2chan and ANN. Since I lost the bet and I’m going on vacation starting Wednesday I don’t really have a lot of time to post.

Somethings to take into account though as we enter a period of speculation:
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