FMA: Brotherhood ep 64 + manga notes

Summary: Dr. Nox (and a guest) pays Mustang a visit in his hospital room where his men are busy quizzing him on everything Ishbal related; apparently Mustang is planning on resolving the Ishbal issues before he can become Führer. Nox asks Mustang about his eyes, he’s still blind, but that’s not going to stop him from re-opening the Ishbal area and allowing its people to return to it from the slums. Dr. Marcoh makes his presence known along with the fact he’s got a philosopher’s stone and asks if Mustang will use it to restore his eyesight; however, Marcoh adds that he made the stone using Ishbalan lives during the annihilation. Mustang knows that some people, including Ed, might get mad at him for using it; before he lets Marcoh use it to get his eyesight back, he gives Havoc a call telling him to come to Central. Meanwhile, at the Armstrong estate, Scar has woken up. Read the rest of this entry »

FMA: Brotherhood ep 63 + manga notes

Summary: The episode opens up with a flashback of Homunculus while he was still within the flask talking to Hohenheim about rights and freedom before it goes back to the present with Ed’s continued assault on Homunculus barehanded. Homunculus is now having to forcibly hold god within himself and makes a lunge to impale Greed to absorb his stone for energy. Ling refuses to let Greed be absorbed since he needs him to become emperor of Xing, but the force pulling Greed to Father is stronger than Ling’s. Greed tells Ling that emperor of Xing isn’t as good as ruler of the world, but decides to go with that anyway, however, once Ling hears this and lowers his guard, Greed forces him to let go saying that would be his first and last lie he ever told. Greed tells Ling that Lan Fan has a philosopher’s stone and that he can use that to become emperor instead before being absorbed by Homunculus. Read the rest of this entry »

FMA: Brotherhood ep 62 + manga notes

Summary: Homunculus/Father is trying to make more philosopher’s stones out of the Briggs soldiers, but Hohenheim stops him. Hohenheim asks Homunculus why he looks down on humans so much when philosopher’s stones can be made from humans who can be used to create homunculi and then asks him what homunculi can create. Homunculus decides he shall create humans and so many humans who lived in Xerxes whose souls are trapped within Homunculus are given bodies including King Xerxes. Ed arrives just as everyone else is freaking out over all the people and just in time to get caught up in Homunculus’ giant energy blast attack. Read the rest of this entry »

FMA: Brotherhood ep 61 + manga notes

Summary: Before the Elric brothers attempted human transmutation, the read a passage in a book about how when the Sun and the Moon become one, a perfect being can exist that is something like a god. In the present, Father/Homunculus has dragged the Truth out of the gate by using the souls of all 50 million residents of Amestris to imprison the Truth (or god) within himself. Ed, Al, Izumi, Mustang, and Hohenheim awake to a silent country and Homunculus having taken a new form reminiscent of how Hohenheim appeared when his blood was used to create Homunculus. Before Ed can attack, Homunculus seals off the alchemy and creates a sun in the palm of his hand. Read the rest of this entry »

FMA: Brotherhood ep 60 + manga notes

Summary: At the radio station, Central’s forces send in one man to talk to the occupants, that man being Denny Brosh… who immediately bursts into tears upon seeing Maria Ross alive and well. Mrs. Bradley is still on the air and under the protection of Mustang’s men who are making sure she stays safe. Back in Father’s room, Ed and the others are still resisting even though Father tells them they are already within his stomach; May decides to take on Father by herself to try and get him to divulge the secret of immortality while Ed and Al are tasked with Pride. Ed and Mustang realize that forcing someone to open the gate poses a high risk to them which is present in Pride’s form becoming less stable and evident by Pride avoiding Ed and Al’s attacks instead of blocking them with his shadows. May is trying her best against Father, but his motionless alchemy is too much for her. Read the rest of this entry »

FMA: Brotherhood ep 59 + manga notes

Summary: Hawkeye is on the floor bleeding out from her neck, she sends Mustang a message through a glance, he understands and says he won’t do human transmutation. Dr. Goldtooth is stunned at first and then says that’s cruel of him to abandon her, Mustang says it’s cruel of the doctor to use his men as pawns, the doctor says they should be grateful towards him for giving them shelter, food and education and then the doctor disappears. Jerso caught him using his saliva and his strangling him then May, Zampano and Darius arrive to save Mustang and Scar. May tries to get the philosopher’s stone the doctor dropped while Mustang goes to Hawkeye, eventually May decides that saving Hawkeye takes priority over getting the stone and uses her alchemy to stop the bleeding. Read the rest of this entry »

FMA: Brotherhood ep 58 + manga notes

Summary: Ed, Al, and Izumi have been dragged into the Gate of Truth while the gold toothed doctor remarks Mustang will be following after them soon enough. Greed is still fighting an injured Wrath leading to both of them falling off the bridge with Greed hanging on to the edge and Wrath hanging onto Greed. Lan Fan manages to grab a hold of Greed as the ledge is giving way despite it being too much weight for her automail to handle. After telling Greed that Fu was already dead, she gets the Briggs soldiers to help her get Wrath to let go and pull up Greed/Ling. After seeing Fu’s lifeless body, Ling asks for a doctor who can use alchemy saying he has a philosopher’s stone, but there are none and as Ling is grieving, a soldier who made it past the machine guns shoots him in the head. Ling continues to lament that despite attaining immortality he still can’t save anyone. Read the rest of this entry »